Witness the devestation

Click on image for larger version. And yes, that's some moss.

It seems so innocent, just sitting there on its bit of decaying fence post. Silent. Its own “alien world” if you please.

Yet in truth this piece of moss is a cruel, sadistic island of Bryophyta. Its intentions will forever be cruel as it lures unsuspecting Cornish photographers from a small Cornish village, to its place in a local “nature reserve”, because it was the only decent thing to photograph on a Sunday morning.

Witness the devastation (as mentioned in my previous blog about this piece of evil moss) that this plant life has wrecked upon my feet. WITNESS:

Click on image for larger view

It may not seem much, but that blister on my little left toe and the red area near that bony part on the side of my foot fecking hurts.

Last night saw me trying to keep things clean and uninfected by soaking both of my feet in a bowl of warm water mixed with some antiseptic Savlon liquid stuff.

Soaking my feet stung like hell. Minutes passed before the pain subsided and I could relax enough to let the antiseptic do its job.

Evil fecking moss I tells ye!

And to add insult (pain) to injury, the moss did in my right foot as well:

Click on image for larger view

Never again, I say, never again! I’m going to bloody well wear longer, thicker socks next time. But it’s still the moss’s fault and not me or my lovely green wellingtons. EVIL MOSS!


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