Updating MP3 player contents

My Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 player

Obsession with all things Dr. Horrible continues today with the purchase of the soundtrack through Amazon. However, since downloading that I have realised that there’s a whole load of music that I’ve bought in recent months that I have yet to add to my MP3 player.

This includes such highlights as Jamiroquai’s new album Rock Dust Light Star, a “party” album that I bought, the Blue and Red Beatles compilations that were released last year and a choice selection of individual tracks including some by Four Dead in Ohio.

While I love my Mp3 player, which was a birthday present from Paul last year, I have yet to get along with its accompanying software, Creative Centrale. Still I want to add my new music to the player and I really need to sort out a playlist that I accidentally created, which happens to feature both the Scissor Sisters and Marilyn Manson. While I love both, they do not quite work in a playlist together.


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