I sacrificed my feet for that photo!

On Saturday, my new monopod arrived in the post. This meant that during Sunday morning, I wanted to trek down the local back lanes in search of something to take a photograph of.

I wore my green wellington boots, because I suspected that wherever I ended up would involve lots of mud. I wish that I had not forgotten to change the type of socks that I had been wearing…

Click on image for larger version. And yes, that's some moss.

So, I now have two burst blisters (one for each little toe), raw patches of skin on both ankles – all for the sake of trying out my new monopod when not wearing the right socks with my boots. Was it necessary to wear the boots in the first place? Well seeing as how the place where that particular patch of moss was hanging out happened to be located in boggy ground that sucked my boots in past my ankles, yes, yes it was necessary.

But it does look pretty, doesn’t it?


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