Epic Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock session last night

One of our microphones

Last night saw Paul and me go through a 4+ hour slog on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. We recently picked it up in the sales. So far we’re glad that we waited this long to buy our second Guitar Hero game (we’d previously only ever owned the third game).

While this iteration did not get stellar reviews when it first came out, this game is everything that its brethren between it and three have not been. It’s actually got a starting song list that Paul and I don’t hate and the DLC has been just what we’ve been after with some Disturbed tracks and one Marilyn Manson track to name but a few.

Actually, we were pleasantly surprised to find a three track Rocky Horror song pack. We immediately bought it, and last night saw some fantastic renditions of me singing Sweet Transvestite and Time Warp.

That’s right, I was singing last night. Paul started off on drums and then moved onto guitar. And we were going through a custom play list for about 4 hours. I was singing…

I’m still amazed that I have a voice today. I even sang Bohemian Rhapsody once last night and that was insane on the vocals. On a plus note, it was way more fun than singing karaoke at a local pub, because the music and vocals with the songs on disc weren’t some crappy cover with BPM slower than a snail.

We have played a little bit of the Quest mode. Yet when you want to pick and choose want to rock out to, Quickplay custom playlists are the way to go.

Once we’ve got our downstairs living room sorted out, we have so got to get some friends over to play this game.


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