I was so annoyed when I heard E4’s announcer declare that last night’s aired episode of the Big Bang Theory was the “last in the series”. She said this on the very same night that American fans would be able to enjoy the season 4 episode that follows on from the one aired on E4 last night. Good thing CBS knows how many episodes the series has.

It annoyed me so much that I tweeted the following @E4Announcer:

In this day and age of an internet that does tend to work, and with fan pages for shows being run by the channels that air them, the announcement on E4 that that was the last episode in the current season made them sound very uninformed. Regardless, UK fans who wish to legitimately watch the episode that was aired on CBS last night will now have to wait until E4 finishes repeating all the episodes from season 4 that they aired up until the one shown on E4 last night.

I don’t know if our American friends will find the show taking one of those mid-season breaks their channels are so fond of and then having the rest of the season aired after the month plus break. But dammit, the lack of fact checking sent me into a geeky rage that could only be properly aired through Twitter and now this blog post.

I hope you all have a good weekend.


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