Cornwall shouldn’t have to share an MP with Devon

And Devon shouldn’t have to share an MP with Cornwall.

There, I’ve said it. And yes, I am currently very uncomfortable with what the current Coalition Government is trying to do with the political and constitutional make-up of this country, and particularly this county. I can just about handle the AV voting system, but I don’t think it’s too fab a replacement for the “first past the post” system that is currently used.

Now what I really have problems with is the proposed reduction in the number of MPs (600 instead of 650) and the further shifting of constituency boundaries, especially in my home county of Cornwall, which has already had its constituency boundaries changed in the last five years.

And I could just about deal with Cornwall having 5 MPS instead of its current six, if we would not end up sharing an MP with Devon. The only reason this sharing process would happen is for the sake of numbers. It’s got nothing with ensuring that people who live in Devon or Cornwall have full access to the democratic process. Nope. It’s all about making sure that our constituencies are all sized in a way that works for central government, but not that it works for the people it represents.

Cornwall and Devon don’t share on a local government level and they shouldn’t on a national level. The needs of the two counties are different both financially and culturally. How can an MP that represents parts from both counties vote fairly on matters that affect the counties in different opposing ways?

For instance: Cornwall gets a lot of financial assistance from Europe, because it’s actually quite a deprived area. Devon doesn’t get nearly as much help. So, if a vote was held in parliament about England’s relationship with Europe that could (down the line) affect the kind of funding that Cornwall gets from Europe in a negative way compared to Devon… how the bloody hell is that county striding MP going to be able to vote in a fair and balanced way on the matter?

What about pressing on matters about fishing quotas or farm subsidies? Waste management? Housing? Everything. What is good for Devon may not be good for Cornwall and vice versa – to seriously dumb it all down.

And this is without getting down to the issue of the county’s identity, which is certainly important for many people who live here. Sure we share a police force, but crime happens across and between borders. Cornwall and Devon do not share an identity like they share crime statistics.

The House of Lords needs to stop this travesty from happening, and they’re not even elected.

I just hate how a the current government is trying to erode part of my identity as a person all for the sake of political book keeping. Kyj dhe-ves.


5 thoughts on “Cornwall shouldn’t have to share an MP with Devon

    • Yeah, I downloaded that earlier this week when someone linked to it on Twitter. May have been you even. A friend of mine is also a law student up at Plymouth and is interested in writing his dissertation on Cornwall’s status as a duchy.

  1. Not only that but generally the idea of reducing the number of MPs is a baaaaaaaaaad plan. Less representation and all that. I remember Sarah Newton telling me before the election in a fit of ass kissing that the changes were simply to bring more balance and would only really effect Scotland as their constituency numbers were smaller. I asked why then we couldn’t make all our constituencies smaller as it clearly worked for Scotland. She said something about cost. Yes it may well cost a bit more but if we’re being properly represented I don’t care, it allows less room for bigger mistakes!

    Also this cross border constituency would mean combining a fairly rural area with bits of Plymouth city. Yes many people have to commute to Plymouth from Cornwall but they chose to live in the area because it wasn’t Plymouth (and people who live in Plymouth I assume are not particularly enamoured by the idea of living in rural Cornwall!) – their interests are pretty damn different if you ask me.

    Though to be honest I’m not sure it even really matters. Look at Sarah Newton. She toes the party line so firmly you could raise it 50 meters above the ground and she wouldn’t waver. Until we get into the habit of bi-partisan government this country is never going to be truly representative.

    Rant over.

    • I agree with you whole heartedly.

      Also, Sarah Newton has yet to get back to me on a message I sent her about EMA ages before last week’s sucky vote. Her 2 weeks are waaaaaay up.

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