Determined to finish playing

Late last night, I sent out a Tweet declaring to the world, the following:

It has taken me almost two months (around 100 hours) to complete the main story of Resonance of Fate. I haven’t even gone near the optional Neverland area. That’s for a re-play some time far into the future.

The game was a getting rather crazy in the final 16th chapter. Trying to ensure that my characters could survive the final bosses was a task and a half, plus I wanted to make sure that I had completed all optional missions before embarking on the final fight. This involved searching the web for hints on how to farm rare metal shards and crystal cores for one of the final missions. The advice I found mostly sucked, leading me to the conclusion that Resonance of Fate is not designed to just hand over in-game items in any easy way.

I did complete the mission, but I had to sacrifice some equipment that I would have preferred keeping in one piece.

Here it is, sitting on my Xbox 360

Now with the game over, I’m not even moving onto one of the many games that features in my Backlog. Nope. I’m reviewing Dead Space 2 next week for BeefJack, and so I plan to re-play a bit, if not all, of the original Dead Space. A game which absolutely terrified me the the first time I played it through to completion.

And it’s been a while since I’ve played it, so I’ll probably be jumping in my seat again. Ah, bliss.


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