The most annoying kind of Facebook status…

You see that right? Yep, that – to me – represents one of the most annoying kinds of FB status updates you can ever see one of your “friends” post up on their wall. It does nothing to help the situation when it comes to research on preventative methods and medicines, diagnostic methods or cures for cancer.

Where’s the status updates that would actually help with the problem, and aren’t also about throwing money at the situation? Where are the updates saying:

Asking if everyone could please put this as your status for one hour if you or someone you love has cancer or never wants any kind of cancer. My request is that in 2011 more parents will encourage their kids to study hard in maths, chemistry, biology and physics so that we have researchers, chemists, doctors and engineers in the years to come who can research and develop preventative methods and medicines, diagnostic methods and cures for cancers. Will you post it for just one hour? Do it for all of us.

I have found out why no one has posted that exactly, and it’s because it’s 508 characters long, when FB will only allow status updates that are 420 characters long. Don’t worry, I’m working on condensing it down a bit, but you get the picture.

We need people to take a more practical and almost hands-on approach when dealing with matters like this, otherwise money raised for many research based charities will be wasted as will government money, because there won’t be anyone to spend it on. Cures may be a long time coming, but encouraging the researchers and doctors of tomorrow isn’t.

Oh, and when it comes to research, research that goes against the common perception of anything should never be allowed to be hindered, especially never because of the self-interests of others. See video:


4 thoughts on “The most annoying kind of Facebook status…

  1. I equally hate that kind of update. And yes, we should be encouraging children to study those areas if we want to at least make cancer something that people are likely to survive.

  2. Thank you – I totally agree. I ditched FB altogether and stupid status updates like these were a large part of the reason. Your version, on the other hand, made me smile.


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