Sleep Problems

I just want some shut eye

I have had a certain way of doing things since school. See, I can’t leave a job undone. So homework and reading was pretty much always done on time during school and college, and the same thing happened at university.

However, this is now perhaps becoming an issue as I continue through the world of work. I really can’t handle knowing my tasks for the day the day before I’m set to start work on them. My mind keeps returning to dwell on them. Even when I try to sleep. And I’ve mostly found myself dozing during the night, too wired to settle down and that’s with intaking hardly any caffeine during the day. I’ve tried not knowing the specifics of the tasks, but knowing that there will be work to do just kicks off the lack of sleep too.

Oh, and now my main client wants a run down of my day’s following tasks, the day before I’m due to tackle them, starting from today. How am I going to tackle this?

Exercise may be the answer, but until the weather gets better and the hours of daylight longer, I am unable to go out on my bike and terrorize the local motorists. Just Dance 2 is currently out of the question as it really needs more room than I have in my living room at the moment.

I sleep fine on the nights of my days off. I even have a winding down procedure, which does work and I use it every work night and nights off. It includes no caffeine after 6pm, no food after 8pm and being in bed by 11.30pm and reading a book until I feel tired,which doesn’t take very long and I drift off near instantly after putting the book down. Yet three hours later I’m awake and start going through this crappy dozing version of sleep.

I am fed-up with not sleeping properly. Suggestions welcome.


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