Giving in to temptation

There was a break in my almost endless (appearing) struggle with Resonance of Fate yesterday. You see, after watching the visually stunning TRON: Legacy in 3D at my local cinema (with fiancé in tow) we ended up at the HMV in town. Now, this would have been any normal no-purchase-made-trip into the store, had it not been for that fact that we saw that they had finally lowered the price of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, with all instruments, for  a far lower price than the RRP. We bought it.

Having not bought a GH game since the third incarnation, the promise of getting a version with all of the peripherals plus songs and artists that we actually like, was too much to resist. There’s also a Disturbed song pack available for it *seriously digs Disturbed*.

So far – we have discovered that I rock reasonably well on the guitar, but I suck at the drums. And just for the record – that is on Easy. Medium is more than I can ever cope with. We have yet to try singing vocals.


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