Podcast addiction?

Okay, so I may not be addicted just quite yet, but an addiction is in the making. Most of the stuff I’m listening to at the moment is somehow connected to Kevin Smith (I’ve gone back to SModcast and the numerous ones that have popped up since), apart from the Back to Frank Black one and the cast done by PC Gamer.

If you have any suggestions for podcasts that are of a geeky, maybe videogame-like or comic book-like nature, then please let me know in the comments below. While I may love to listening to all things Kevin Smith related, there’s only so many cuss words that I can handle in a single working day.


4 thoughts on “Podcast addiction?

    • That is the kind of plugging on a blog that is allowed, as opposed to those dodgy spam comments linking to Russian porn sites.

      *goes to iTunes and subscribes*

    • I’ll have a look the next time I boot up iTunes. And I’m glad you’d mentioned them, because I remembered that you’d mentioned a particular one on FB last year, but I couldn’t remember which ^_^;

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