An Alternative New Year’s Message

As we move from the arbitrary year of 2010 to the following arbitrary year of 2011, I would like to take this moment to reflect on what has happened and look to the year ahead. This year has thankfully not seen the rise of the dead or the recently dead to stalk this Earth. No crazy ass monkeys have broken out of containment at animal testing centres in order to bite and poop on the general populace and cause them to cause mayhem on our streets.

That’s right, we’ve managed to go through another year without a zombie apocalypse falling down upon us.

Ummmm, brains...

However, 2011 will only see our continuing avoidance of being knee deep in spleens, intestines and extra mushy brains if we remember one simple thing:

Constant Vigilance.

So keep your eyes open, ears clear, survival plans always to hand, bags constantly packed, hideouts picked, tins and tin openers ready, cricket bats primed and escape vehicles oiled. Constant Vigilance.

And so, as we move on to the next space of time denoted by something approximating 365 days, I wish you a Happy New Year and the hope that during 2011 the closest any of us comes to a zombie is a videogame or a George A. Romero film.


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