Graphic Novel Update

A founding language (Sanskrit) just happens to make an appearance in the graphic novel

I spent last weekend swimming in a world that I hadn’t been close to since July. It was a slightly weird experience, because my head started going into plotting and characterisation overload, finding new ways to lead the reader astray and rewarding them with a greater understanding of the important characters in the story, without going over the top.

As this is my current big project that I’m trying to get somewhere with, I was surprised to receive, yesterday, an e-mail for a film script that I’d written for my MA that had gone to an agency, but it now seems had got lost in their system. I had an apology for the late reply, confirmed what I had already suspected – that my SF script from last year was not something they were unable to get behind at this time.

And they gave a hint as to how it could be improved, but I’m unlikely to take up their advice in the meantime as that was a project that I am no longer hugely concerned with. If I was to ever go back to it, a lot of it would change (it seems like a really immature storyline compared to when I first wrote it), and I would certainly improve the dialogue as the agency suggested. But I don’t see me going back to it any time soon.

Anyway, the graphic novel has reached a stage where I’m still redrafting. A lot of revisions have happened since this last update on my graphic novel. I’ve made quite a few changes and in the next twenty four hours I will be undertaking the task of printing out its massive one hundred and twenty one sides of A4 in order to get down to some really nitty-gritty editing and redrafting.

However, I expect to be doing something big with it after the New Year, whether or not I have an artist behind me.


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