Bet they pick and choose what to believe

A photo from Truro's 2009 Gay Pride Parade

I really, really am unable to feel any sympathy towards a Christian couple who have been in court this week charged with discriminating against a gay couple who booked a room at their B&B only to be refused said room when the gay couple who had come to stay. It doesn’t matter if it was a set-up, as the defence are now claiming.

It also doesn’t matter if the gay couple were “unmarried”, because under British law a Civil Partnership isn’t technically the same as marriage. So even if the pair had made a legal commitment to each other, they have no way of fulfilling the B&B’s preference for “married couples” as gay people can’t currently be “married” in the UK.

I suspect these Christians are quite happily ignoring other parts of the Bible or not interpreting them literally. Leviticus certainly has enough of a pick-an’-mix feel to it. I find it so hypocritical the way some Christians do this.

As an atheist I object to discrimination based on sexuality and marital status anyway. It has no place in a modern, civilised society. No place at all. It’s none of your business whether a couple is married or not, unless you’re from the HMRC, a solicitor or a doctor considering whether someone has the right to stop someone else’s life support.

Though I do have issues with the idea of “marriage” and currently support the Equal Love campaign. Seeing as how there are some Christian sects that are absolutely fine with homosexuality, who do operate in this country, it makes sense to have religious marriage available in this country to homosexuals who want it. Same as how there should be a none religious form of marriage i.e. Civil Partnerships, available to none religious heterosexual couples.

I can’t write any more coherent thoughts on this matter, today. Judgement on the case has currently been “deferred“.


2 thoughts on “Bet they pick and choose what to believe

  1. The whole case is ridiculous and I notice that the Christian couple are having their legal costs funded by the Christian Institute *roll eyes*.

  2. Just one small point: in British law civil partnerships are identical to marriage. The outcome of the case might have been different if Mr Hall and Mr Preddy had not been a married couple. Because the Bulls treated them differently than they would have treat a married man and woman, they were discriminated against unlawfully.

    Another couple who stayed at the guest house, an unmarried man and woman, said this week that they had no problem booking a double room in 2006 and their marital status was not discussed. If that’s true then it does show the pitfalls of the Bulls’ approach very clearly. It is difficult to apply the standard they talked about equally to all customers.

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