Yes, my ego enjoyed this :P

I may be becoming a cyborg...

I decided, last week, that I would take part in Orange’s The Feed’s neat little stunt: #secretportraits. When I tweeted the following, I didn’t expect to get a portrait, just hoped for one:

Well, I did get one, formed from that tweet and this one:

And that is the image at the top of the post. So yes, my ego is currently enjoying the tiny bit of attention bestowed on me by Nathan Wozniak, an art student from UCA. Thank you very much.

Do I feel like I am a cyborg? Not really, my #secretportraits submission tweet was a result of this series of tweets:

Yeah, crazy stuff goes down on Twitter. Crazy stuff >_< Thanks Simon Roth.

And what was my previous Twitter profile pic? This custom Scott Pilgrim vs. The World one:

It was done before I had my hair cut

I had a cropped image of the face as my Twitter pic.


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