Keep EMA or Ruin Lives?

The future will be even murkier for those from poorer backgrounds

When I went through college, studying for my International Baccalaureate diploma, it was during the trial of EMA in Cornwall. While my parents earned enough to support me through my studies, many of my friends at college and other students there were not so lucky. It was for these young people that EMA was created and benefits.

All too often the media paint young people as yobs and with dreams of only ever living off of benefits. No thought is given to those who do wish to strive further, who are the majority. Those young people who want to become the next generation of hair dressers, builders, school teachers, engineers, nurses or care workers. It’ll be another barrier to higher education for the poor, let alone further.

You don’t need to be middle class to have aspirations and a child from a background where their every want is provided for, in my opinion, seems even less likely to strive to be independent. It’s teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds that need help and should not have to pay for the fault of their parents for being poor. A “fault” that is all too often not the fault of parents, but of businesses and employers who don’t want to pay a decent wage for an honest day’s work.

I would like to also add that having a part-time job whilst studying on a course that needs your attention and attendance for more than twenty hours a week does not work. Grades slip, thus nullifying the point of being on a course.

To remove the support EMA gives will see even more so called NEETs in our midst. And the drive to remove this funding for study seems less driven by a real need to reduce the nation’s deficit, and more driven by a picture painted by the media. A picture that seems the youth of today as undeserving of any support, spoilt and useless.

When today’s politicians, media owners and rabid “Daily Mail” readers need someone to wipe their ass when they come to live out the last of their days in a care home, they’ll be left unwiped and they’ll still stink of shit. Just like they do now.


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