What the hell was that?

It looked a little like this

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really wonder what the hell my subconscious is playing at. I’m still trying to figure out the why behind the dream I had last night, but it went a little like this:

Picture a world that shares the architecture of upcoming BioShock Infinite, but set firmly on the ground. Okay, now add in an academy for the “gifted” akin to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning from the X-Men. Oh, and there was a big long pond/water feature being the centre of the school’s layout.

So, I was a student at this academy and I could shoot fire out of my hands and manipulate fire, and couldn’t be harmed by it, akin to Pyro in the X-Men. I was also blonde haired, and I haven’t been blonde in real life since I was three.

There was some kind of persecution thing going on of people like me, not registration, but outright concentration camp style, and the school had to keep pretending that it was for normal kids. Then one day the place was raided, and everyone had to flee.

I took shelter at a local veterinary surgery and then had a fire ball shoot out with my pursuers (who were dressed like cops from a SWAT team) in the middle of the vets’. My pursuers also seemed intent on harming the animals at the vets, so I had to gather up a bunch of dogs and cats and run off with them to find somewhere safe for them to stay.

As we began holding out in a cave on a hill above the Infinite style city, with fires raging below and the sound of death wringing out, the dogs, cats and I huddled together in fear.

Then I woke up.



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