More than a little scared

I was at the birth of my youngest brother

Reading this article on birth injuries from the Guardian website today has scared me somewhat. I was at the birth of my youngest brother, so I thought I knew what was what. OK, so my cousin’s last baby (10lbs+) left her needing stitches and a blood transfusion – she also almost died – but still I was unshaken from the idea of having a “natural birth”. Yet after reading that story today, I’m not sure if I want to go the natural birth route if my own first child weighs more than I did (7lbs 11 ounces) when I was born to my mum.

What’s worse is that the “true number” of those affected by things like obstetric fistula is unknown, because despite women living in their own hell when this happens to them, few report it to their GP or discuss it with their partner. And similar numbers related to incontinence are unknown, because mums don’t come forward.

The Guardian article has certainly made me think twice about having a “natural birth” if I’ve got a heavy baby. I’m fine about giving birth if there’s no serious risk of injury to myself and/or the baby, but I really don’t like the idea of being “torn apart”. If there’s a real level of risk, I’m going to demand a caesarean section.

Of course I’ll eat sensibly and exercise whilst pregnant, as I’m doing already, in order to decrease the chances of having a heavy baby. But if I’m looking at baby that’s nearing 10lbs or more – I want a c-section.


2 thoughts on “More than a little scared

  1. Ouch. Reading that article made me feels sick. Glad my baby-making days are over. It’s a worrying thought when you consider how babies are getting bigger and heavier. Could be a much more common problem in the future.

    • What’s also interesting is that women are supposedly not being fully told of the risks that a natural birth of a heavier baby may entail. Sure c-sections have their risks, but this seems pretty bad too.

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