Dear Valve…

I am fond of not only Steam, but the notion of Secret Santa as well. Now, don’t you think that during December each year, groups on Steam could perhaps have the option to participate in a virtual Secret Santa through Steam? It’s already truly fantastic that people can Gift games to their friends via the service. I’ve made use of this several times and have received games quite a few times too.

However, Secret Santa only works if people don’t know who they’ve received their gift from. So how about maybe thinking ahead to Christmas 2011 and adding a month long Secret Santa feature for Steam groups to use?

The feature would need things related to maximum and minimum spending on a game or games to be set by individual groups, and the option for individual group members to opt out of this group activity. You could also introduce virtual gift cards as some have suggested on the forums as an alternative to gifting games directly. Obviously you’d still have to enforce relevant territory restrictions on certain games. But in all: I believe it would be an awesome feature to make use of once a year.

Just a thought.

Emily x

[This has been posted on the Steam Community forums. I have no expectations of this idea being taken seriously… probably for the best.]


3 thoughts on “Dear Valve…

  1. This does sound like a reasonable idea. I suspect there are some impracticalities involved in trying to roll out such a feature, but it would be handy for groups of friends or professional organisations who happen to use Steam.

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