Just a thought

My footprints, on snowy grass, trying to get in and out of the house (have very steep drive)

Okay, it’s not that bad around my house now and the Cornish village I live in is almost back to normal, though more snow is forecast. Today, there were some questions in Parliament about why the hell Britain is show crap at dealing with snow. So a review has been ordered.

During today’s Wright Stuff, one of the guests on the panel suggested that we ensured that all farmers with tractors had suitable snow ploughs for them and that we paid them to clear snow from the nation’s roads. This sounds great, and would certainly enable some alleviation of the current transport woes.

However, it appears there are a number of farmers up and down the country already signed up with their local authority to help tackle the problem. This thread on the British Farming Forum, from late last year/earlier this year, indicates that farmers who have already signed up for providing help to local authorities are seen as a last resort, because of councils wanting to keep down costs. And therefore farmers often aren’t authorised to go out and plough, because those in charge of the coppers don’t want to pay.

So bascially, if the nation wants its roads clear it needs to spend money to make that a reality. I suspect that the loss in money from the economy everyday from un-cleared roads will be far more that it will cost to pay an army of farmers to keep the roads almost clear. And considering the number of them that are in pretty much in poverty, they could probably do with this extra income.

And more simply: We need to stop undervaluing our nation’s farmers.


2 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. No wonder things don’t run when people can’t be bothered to invest in them. Always thinking short term rather than long term.

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