This aircraft carrier does not fulfill my needs

Dream ship or not?

I suspect that it’s no surprise to learn that I’ve got dreams of taking over the world. Anyone such as myself is frequently subjected to dreams whereby a successful global takeover plus dictatorship, with yourself at the top, is installed and world peace ensues only for the whole thing to fall apart when those who fudged up the world in the first place don’t take kindly to your new found power and control, who then go on to use nefarious means to depose you despite you sparing their lives when you took over.

So when I saw that HMS Invincible was up for sale I thought, “Great, maybe myself and a bunch of like minded people could get together to buy it and start putting my world domination dreams into reality.” Sadly, this was not to be the case and not because I don’t have enough friends willing to stretch their overdrafts.

Nope, it was the aircraft carrier’s complete lack of engines and pumps, plus a host of other serious problems, that made me realise that it would be a poor investment. I wanted to set sail straight away, not spend a fortune reconditioning it (and that’s if you’re even allowed to do that under the terms of sale).

It seems I shall have to look for other ex-military craft to start my own private Navy. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “This aircraft carrier does not fulfill my needs

    • ‘Course. But it’ll probably never happen, though I did finish reading The Day of the Triffids last night and I’ve got a better idea of how to deal with a situation like that rather than what the protagonist tries to go for. My better handling of a post-apocalyptic situation would see me as leader of the entire world! With a population of less than a couple thousand…

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