And the issue is?

Seriously, I feel no sympathy for the diplomats and politicians now affected by this. It has only shown what was already suspected by many – that sections of the world look down on other sections of the world and that diplomacy (like anything that involves government) is just bursting with doublespeak.

Though perhaps one of the saddest revelations in the leaks has been the intractability of the US government over the case of hacker Gary McKinnon. This has been reported by the Guardian today.

Highlights of the leaks that have been causing the most chin wagging can be found on The Daily Beast. Or you can read the Tweet below:

Though it’s not as if WikiLeaks have been going through this whole thing unscathed. They’ve been having problems with distributed denial of service attacks:

Okay, so maybe I’m feeling a bit of empathy towards WikiLeaks in all this, and Mr McKinnon.


4 thoughts on “And the issue is?

  1. I’m of the opinion that sensitive material should never be made available in the public domain in the first place. Anything that could threaten national security is a no go. Of course….not everyone can be expected to exercise the same restraint when dealing with such matters.

    • The question is whether or not the latest stuff threatens national security. The Saudis supposedly urging the US to do something about Iran is the closest it comes to this. The rest is just embarrassing.

      Previous big leaks have definitely been a security issue, but this latest one doesn’t really seem so to me.

  2. I’ve been hearing some pretty extreme reactions to this from public figures in the US. Kind of scary to hear them rant and rave.

    • I’m glad that Jack Straw signed the UK up to a EU law in 1999 banning the execution of those charged with treason. After all, treason is in the eyes of the beholder…

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