I know we talk about the weather a great deal, but…

Can you blame us British people for talking about the weather when you wake and it’s snowed for second time in seventy-two hours…

Saturday outside my house...

My footprints, on snowy grass, trying to get in and out of the house (have very steep driveway).

Saturday morning...

Then Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday it was beginning to melt away, but over night…

Front of the house Monday morning.

The back whilst it fell a little bit less for a while.

And several minutes later it really started coming down again.

Not sure if I’ll be going anywhere today as I was intending to do so. It may not look like much snow, but where I live (due to a lack of preparation, as snow is so rare here (or use to be)), the stuff really does disrupt things. Especially when it’s accompanied by thunder and lightning that knocks out a local radio station, Pirate FM, sometime after six this morning.


7 thoughts on “I know we talk about the weather a great deal, but…

    • With it not snowing in London when it’s snowing in so many other places is strange. I’m so use to it not snowing in Cornwall and it snowing up country, and especially London way, that it’s kind of weird when the weather is reversed.

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