Moment of Distraction #2

New warm socks

Apart from buying new People Tree socks yesterday, from Uneeka’s store in Truro, for the purpose of wearing around the house and keeping my feet warm (I get stupidly cold during the winter), there wouldn’t be much else to blog about, except…

Well, after I’m done doing my funky thing for BeefJack this morning, I plan to play some more Resonance of Fate. Playing that game is the main thing I plan to do this weekend, except…

The creation of The Backlog page has made me realise how many other cool things I’ve got waiting for me to spend some quality time with. However, I plan to stick with Resonance of Fate until I’ve completed it. Or at least I’ll try… no, must not get distracted >_<

Here are just the games that I need to complete:

Vagrant Story – PlayStation did start

Koudelka – PlayStation did start

Shadow Hearts – PlayStation 2 did start

Shadow Hearts: Covenant PlayStation 2

Shadow Hearts: From the New World PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy VI – PlayStation

Final Fantasy XII – PlayStation 2 did start

Unlimited Saga – PlayStation 2 did start

.hack//Outbreak – PlayStation 2

.hack//Quarantine –  PlayStation 2

Dino Crisis – PlayStation did start

XIII – PlayStation 2 did start, got near to the end

Star Ocean: Until the End of Time – PlayStation 2 did start

Silent Hill – PlayStation did start

Silent Hill 2 – PlayStation 2

Silent Hill 3 – PlayStation 2

Silent Hill 4 – PlayStation 2

Half-Life – PlayStation 2

Summoner – PlayStation 2 did start

Summoner 2 – PlayStation 2

Glass Rose – PlayStation 2 did start

Velvet Assassin – Xbox 360 did start

Lost Planet – Xbox 360 did start

F.E.A.R. – Xbox 360 did start

Lost Odyssey – Xbox 360 did start

Beautiful Katamari – Xbox 360 did start

Star Ocean: The Last Hope – Xbox 360

Vanquish – Xbox 360

Resonance of Fate – Xbox 360 currently being played when I have the time

Kameo – Xbox 360 did start

Infinite Undiscovery – Xbox 360 did start, got almost to the end

The Last Remnant – Xbox 360 did start

MadWorld – Wii

The Conduit – Wii

No More Heroes – Wii

Super Paper Mario – Wii did start, got almost to the end

Super Mario Galaxy – Wii did start

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Wii did start

The Longest Journey – PC did start

Deus Ex – PC did start

Once Resonance of Fate is out of the way, I’ll start on another one of these. An older game preferably.


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