A Royal Engagement

No, my ring isn't that flashy

Apart from today’s grumbles about how much the wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton will cost the taxpayer, there’s been some hilarious tweets about the matter. The fave one I watched evolve was about getting a tech angle on the whole thing:


Which led to:

And one other fave:

And the deadpan:

However, considering the media circus their wedding will become next year, I doubt they’ll have much fun on their big day. Now if the UK could have a public holiday on the pair’s wedding day that would be nice.


2 thoughts on “A Royal Engagement

  1. I think the nation could do without footing the bill for this… OK, it’s perhaps reasonable to ask us to sort out the security, but everything else to do with the event, I think the parties involved could probably afford to pay for all that.

    • Actually, that sounds quite reasonable. After all, if anything happened to the anyone on that day it would be up to the tax funded groups to sort out the investigation and aftermath, so we might as well pay for the security and get it right first time.

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