What do I get her?

That was last year, what about this year???

I love my Mum dearly. She’s an absolutely lovely lady, and so she deserves an absolutely lovely Birthday present from me. The photograph beside this is from her fiftieth Birthday party, a surprise Birthday party that myself and other family members managed to orchestrate last year. But how do you follow up for the fifty-first? How?

Last year I gave her a big woolly scarf that I had spent months knitting, in fact it’s one of the same scarves that’s been responsible for holding back my blanket project. I’m not about to knit her something again, with only just over a week to go. I’ve had a lot on my plate this year, which has meant knitting something of any real magnitude was kind of out of the picture.

So I’m now thinking about buying her something. But what? It’s not like she needs much, but it’s not like she’s the woman who has everything either… basically I hate buying a present for a person only to find later on that they’ve never used it, despite having it for a year. In fact, that last part’s happened with some items that I’ve knitted before, so that’s kind of pissed me off. And I’ve knitted pretty stylish things in the past, not everything I make is as crazy as my blanket.

Also hard to top John Wayne inspired birthday cakes

I can’t think of any DVDs that it be worth buying for her that my Dad isn’t already planning on giving her. There’s a new Jilly Cooper novel out, but it’s currently only available in hardback and so Mum doesn’t want it yet. Dad’s also already bought a bunch of CDs for my Brothers to give to her…

What the frall do I do? Any suggestions, please add as a comment below this post. I’m gonna have a hunt around town in the next week and on various online stores, though I’d plan to order by the end of this weekend if I find anything online.

I really don’t want to buy her a box of diabetic chocolates. I want to give her something that will last.


4 thoughts on “What do I get her?

  1. Umm…it’s a toughie. How about jewellery? A simple chain or something funkier for special occasions. Perfume? Photo album/frame with pics of the people she loves? Subscription to a favourite magazine? Or how about something whacky like naming a star after her, or adopting an animal? A new dressing gown or snuggly blanket – am thinking of cold winter approaching… A gift hamper of her favourite cosmetics/treats? Does she enjoy wallowing in the bath? A couple of scented candles, bath pillow and special bubble bath?
    Whatever it is, she’ll love it because it’s from you 🙂 x

    • Sadly my mother would be unable to appreciate the finer points of Scott Pilgrim, and she would never be able to fit into a pair of converses.

      On a further Scott Pilgrim note: I downloaded the XBLA version of the game yesterday and played a little of it last night. ‘Twas good, even though I didn’t get very far before tiredness and a lack of lives left forced me to go to bed.

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