“SO! How bout’ them Lakers?”

Shit hitting the fan

Yesterday’s, err, “student protests” have got me thinking bout’ them Lakers. ‘Cause seriously, it did get just a little too hairy.

If you don’t understand this talk about Lakers, Urban Dictionary has a swell explanation:

How bout’ them Lakers?
A phrase used when the conversation has died. The goal is to start up a new conversation, either about the Lakers, or simply because it often comes off as a completely random phrase to the other person.

(Note: Lakers is short for LA Lakers, a US basketball team.)

‘Course I’m having utter difficulty getting away from the subject matter as it seems to be a sticking point in today’s press, and then all this talk about welfare reforms isn’t doing much good either. And I’ve already talked about the reforms a little.

Though, a twisted part of me can’t help but feel bemused at the Westminster Conservative HQ being overrun:

I have to admit that I’m not entirely happy with all the reforms going on as none of them will address the most basic issue at fault in the UK (and a lot of other countries): continually being in the pursuit of capitalistic gains is a task that will inevitably fail as it relies on the possession of infinite resources in a world/universe with only a finite amount of resources.

SO! How bout’ them Lakers?


5 thoughts on ““SO! How bout’ them Lakers?”

  1. Makes me long for replicators. Those from Star Trek, that is. Converting particles at fundamental levels would help most of the worlds problems.

    • It would solve quite a few, but I don’t think the world’s cultures and religions as they currently are could cope with having such technology freely available.

  2. Makes me wonder what the Tories now plan to do in order to stop something like this from happening again. Probably something stupidly draconian.

  3. I fear this is just the start of it though. People aren’t happy. And you can only cut back so far before you’re restricting basic needs like heat, shelter and food. I think we’re in for a replay of the 80’s with demos, protests and strikes.

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