Now I know

Having narrowly escaped being struck by lightning in my teens, I’ve since wondered what happens to certain animals in the wild when they’re the tallest feature in the landscape during a lightning storm. Now I know, at least for giraffes.

Definitely the tallest thing there...

A giraffe that had starred in ITV 1’s Wild At Heart died on Monday, due to being struck by lightning. The giraffe was called Hamley.

I suppose it’s a bit of a raw deal for giraffes when it comes to being out in the middle of a lightning storm, as they are often the tallest thing around when out on the plains of Africa. It’s not like they can go and lay down on the ground, because their bodies don’t allow for it.

Seriously scary

The subsequent reading about this incident has led to one lightning fuelled nightmare this week. Just flash backs to what almost happened to me before. Seriously, being out in the middle of a field during a lightning storm is fricken’ scary.

Just ask a giraffe.


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