Trying to see how it’ll work

Still trying to figure out whether another area of welfare reforms that’s slipped into the public’s attention this last weekend is such a hot idea: getting the long-term unemployed to do unpaid volunteer work for a month. I’m unsure about this.

Surely rather than having people pick litter, garden and basically put council employees out of a job, they should be doing something that will give them work experience that will help them in finding a job? I’ve spent a lot of time this year doing volunteer work in areas that interested me career-wise so that I could show that I had experience in the areas I would like to work in. And none of that was litter picking or gardening.

For instance, if someone is applying for jobs in retail, under this new scheme, would it not make more sense for them to volunteer in a charity shop? If they want to work in catering or bar work – a homeless soup kitchen? Y’know, the right volunteer placement for the right kind of “career” aspirations.

However, considering that they’ll want people on these schemes to “volunteer” for thirty hours a week and still get paid regular JSA… err that’s less than minimum wage. Not exactly valuing work there. And what about the fact that will be 120 hours in a month where people won’t be able to look for work when businesses are actually open.

I hate how people don’t think things through before putting forward new policies.


2 thoughts on “Trying to see how it’ll work

  1. It probably won’t work. And as usual, they’ll have set up something to sort out one group of people who are truly taking the mickey with how they use the benefits system, but it won’t affect them at all and instead those who are really trying to make the best of a bad situation will be the worst affected by this measure. So someone who’s trying to volunteer in something relevant will be told by the Jobcentre that they can’t do it and will have to do what they say, else loose their benefits, even though it won’t be best for them career wise.

    I think I’m more pissed off about this than you, and I have a job. They really don’t think things through.

    • I totally agree with you. Those who dodge work will find some other way to continue doing so, whilst those who genuinely want to work will be adversely affected by the whole thing.

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