The Never Ending Blanket

An evening to make one square

Over the last two years, I have been knitting variously patterned squares to sew together in order to make a blanket that is roughly two metres by two metres. Yesterday evening saw me finish the fortieth square, meaning that I was almost halfway to knitting all the squares that I need. Each square that I have made is at least twenty centimetres by twenty centimetres, so I need a hundred squares in order to get roughly the size of blanket I want. I’ve been doing this without following any pattern and I’ve been using different stitch patterns between different squares.

I probably could have finished all of the squares by now if it weren’t for at least two huuuuuuge scarves that were birthday presents for family members getting in the way, along with more than six hats. I also have this habit of going through phases of knitting.

I’ll tend to knit if there’s a bunch of films or a television series that I want to watch. I am unable to knit without looking at my work, but these days I can certainly spend about three quarters of my time actually looking at the screen as opposed to my knitting.

It's going to be rather multicoloured

As you might be able to tell from the photo above, there have been a variety of coloured wools used. I am going after the kaleidoscopic effect. I don’t really want it to match any other furnishings I have, just want it to be warm and lovely to cuddle up under.

I may also try to quilt it once all of the knitted parts are sewn together, but I’m not entirely sure about that yet. It may just make it too warm, and a lot less easy to wash when it needs a clean.


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