Zombies On the Brain

Mmmm, brains?

There comes a point in every wannabe scriptwriter’s life that they want to think long and hard about how they could make their mark on the zombie film genre. And this time has come to me.

After watching Pontypool during the horror film blitz on Saturday night, I realised that it is possible to create entertaining takes on this film genre. So, a zombie horror comedy that has been brewing in my head for over half of this year, is slowly being outlined in a notebook, with Paul’s help.

I don’t want to go into too many specific details, mostly because I’m afraid of my idea being nicked. I’m also not going to say that it’s completely original in terms of plot, but that’s because I’ve watched a lot of zombie films and know what my sources of inspiration are.

There will definitely be plenty of gore. Lots and lots of blood, intestines and body parts flying everywhere. It may also prove to be offensive to members of the British public should a script of this idea ever be produced into a film.

For there comes a time in any scriptwriter’s life when they must piss off the Daily Mail.


7 thoughts on “Zombies On the Brain

    • The graphic novel that I wrote over the summer needs to say zombie-less as there’s enough weird shit going on in there.

      The film will have plenty of zombies in it however. Oh, and I’ve linked to your new blog. It certainly looks mighty pretty.

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