Character Change?

The Frighteners is a really good film

So my fiancé and I watched Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners last night. It was the concluding film to a Halloween horror film fest: we’d watched Army of Darkness and Pontypool earlier in the evening, both great films. At the end of The Frighteners we came to a sudden realisation – Paul, my fiancé, looks a lot like Michael J. Fox, at least before Fox’s Parkinsons became an issue.

This means that Paul is now seriously considering to go to the wedding as Marty McFly, dressed in the futuristic outfit Marty ends up wearing in order to blend in during the second film, which is also Paul’s favourite film in the franchise.

Will he go as Marty McFly?

I have to say that I’d be happy regardless of if he went either as Marty or Tony Stark. However, Marty does have a certain draw, because the first two Back to the Future films were made in the ’80s and we’re both children of the ’80s. I’d still go as Marion Ravenwood from the Indiana Jones franchise… at least that’s what I’m deciding on for now.

Though I don’t think I want to completely restrict the wedding to an 1980s film theme, even though that would be quite awesome, as it may make finding music for the event just that extra bit more difficult. It’ll definitely make it harder to avoid the soundtrack of films like Dirty Dancing, a film that I somewhat despise.

And last night’s three films weren’t the end of the Halloween themed festivities Paul and I will be putting ourselves through. Tonight we’re going to a Halloween party at a local pub dressed as zombies. Paul will be a zombified Shaun of Shaun of the Dead and I’m going to be a zombie in a dress. Body paint a’hoy!


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