I’m a sadistic cyclist

Me - terror of Cornish roads

It wasn’t until this week,battling with a cold and working from home that I came to a sudden realisation: I’m a sadistic cyclist. Too ill to cycle anywhere, I have found that I have come to relish my morning and afternoon rides into and out of Cornwall’s capital. While most of this journey happens on a cycle path, there are parts where I must take to the road.

As I show motorists a thing or two they never knew about the Highway Code, it’s a freeing experience to stop at a junction, signal my intentions and to then follow through. Those moments where I hold up a motorist’s journey that I have every right to, because it’s my right of way (unless they want to have an accident), just beautiful.

Now if only I could find a way to catapult cars off the road that overtake me when there’s barely any space between me and a crossing… that would be ace.


One day, the bike car catapult that defies the laws of physics, will be reality...


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