Can’t get away from weddings this weekend either

A wedding fair

This will be a far more self-inflicted affair. So yes, I will be attending my first wedding fair, ever, this Sunday. Not to panic my fiancé, but I’m thinking that we should probably set a date that falls somewhere in the next two years.

My Mum, fiancé and I (plus maybe an aunt) shall be heading off to this. Why this fair instead of a different one? Well, I’m more than a tad aware about issues to do with things like sustainability and fair, ethical trade and this promises to be a wedding fair with that focus.

I sort of reached a realisation today, partly due to this week’s spending review by the Coalition Government: my fiancé and I are still unlikely to get the chance to move out of my Gran’s house any time soon. Apart from wanting to care for her whilst I still can, it’s going to be impossible for us to find a home that we can rent affordably, let alone buy. So, we might as well stay put.

We’re already planning to start a family whilst we live with Gran anyway, might as well get married around the same time too.

You can find more details about the wedding fair at Uneeka’s blog (they’re a ethical company I like and do the odd thing for who’ll be there).


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