Please don’t run out, please…

Camborne Parish Church

My cousin’s wedding ceremony last Saturday was going fine until it turned into a waking nightmare during the ceremony. This sensation lasted briefly, but it added to the stress.

As I previously mentioned, my fiancé and I were asked to film my cousin’s wedding. This was achieved, but during the ceremony my guy and I were almost s*****g ourselves when not just one battery, but then the other verged on running out of power. All this happened despite having charged them the night before.

Luckily we managed to film the entire ceremony, confetti throwing and wedding car driving off down the road, before the final battery flashed up a warning. However, at the reception it was a real task to find a modern socket that would accept a standard plug or two so that we could charge the batteries in time to film speeches, first dances and cake cutting.

Speaking of cake cutting: if you ever get married and have a wedding cake, make sure you bring along a cake knife to cut it with… and proper utensils to serve food. My cousin and her new husband ended up using a butter knife to cut their wedding cake, which subsequently meant that only they got to eat a bit of the cake. Every one else was wedding-cakeless. Damn thing could have been a lie for all we knew.

At least there was a hog roast in the evening. Plus, the drummer of the band that was hired to play at the reception was a good friend of my fiancé’s who we hadn’t seen in a while, so it was awesome to see him.

The main lesson I take from this now, whilst the footage of this momentous day is set-up to be edited: regularly check that your camera’s batteries actually have the ability to hold a charge for a realistic amount of time. Or: make sure that when your Father asks if you want him to bring along an extension cable that you say a loud, resounding “YES”.


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