I Can’t Believe I Own…

Circa 2003

An album by The Rasmus. Seriously. I was checking through my albums on Windows Media Player, and there it was – lurking. I thought to myself, “Bloody hell, I haven’t listened all the way through that since I was 17!”

So I decided to stick the damn thing on. And Google them of course. I hadn’t realised that the band originally formed in 1994 and are Finnish. It must have been something about the way they were marketed in the UK in 2003, but back then it was like the press and PR were interested in presenting them as some kind of teen band, composed of teenaged musicians. Sure I was a teen and bought the album, but the band members were more than five years older than me.

Mind you, Lauri Ylönen (guy on vocals) has quite a high sounding voice on the album Dead Letters*. Something I don’t normally like in male singers. And yet…

There's something in his voice...

This album has got some powerful guitar playing going on, and actually Lauri’s voice is pretty enchanting. Screw pretty, it’s verging on sexy.

It’s at this point I need to remember that I have a fiancé who loves me very much. I think reading Tiny Temper’s blog is having a negative effect on me… yeah, it’s all her fault. (And not my wandering ears.)

*The song most people remember from the album is In the Shadows, which did pretty alright in the UK charts at the time of its release.


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Own…

    • Not sure. They’re “alternative rock” one might say, with some thunderously good bits of guitar…. like I said, the lead singer has a high voice in the album I have. They did release a Best of Album last year covering 2000/1-2009.

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