I wish I had the chance to learn how to speak German again


While I almost failed standard level German on the International Baccalaureate, when I was in college, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the lingo. I’m sure my post about Michael Palin showed that I do like Germany as a country very much (despite the events of the past).

One day I hope to go on holiday there, and unlike the two language exchanges I went on, not get Laryngitis. At least then I’d have the chance to speak some German with the aid of a phrasebook. It’s not like I want to be fluent, but being able to listen to most German accents plus being able to read it reasonably well would be a plus.

If I was given the opportunity to learn German again, I’d have to do it from the ground up. Between my five years at secondary school and two at college, neither went through a logical and coherent manner when teaching German. While no linguist, I can (probably) safely assume that teaching a language in a manner similar to how a child learns their native tongue and then to read and write it is the way to go. Going on about correct grammar and the genders of words isn’t really going to help when you don’t even understand those aspects of your own native language.

So a “organic” teaching method then. (Also, I may just want to be able to understand the lyrics of Rammstein songs better.)


4 thoughts on “I wish I had the chance to learn how to speak German again

  1. Hello Emily, I have been trying a free language learning website for the last two weeks, that is pretty good for a free course so far & you can help translate parts of the internet as well; the website is called Duolingo, and it has a German course.


    I have done the required parts for French & Spanish Basic 1 & 2 so far, I am trying Spanish now to see if I have an easier time with learning it, and so far I am. 😀

    So far it is easy enough/good enough to keep my attention enough to do at least one lesson a day, and I am impressed so far; you might want to try it, so far it is the best free language course/the best language course that I have tried so far for a terrible language learner like myself. 😉

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