A hair cut is a scary prospect

After the henna application

Or perhaps it’s weddings…

So… I had a nightmare about having my hair cut last night; the actual cutting will be happening Friday this week. I think it was partly because I haven’t had a restyle in a very, very, very long time (and mebbie something else). Oh, and I did go through with the first henna application last week, which now means that every time I wash my hair the smell of the henna comes back to haunt me. On a plus side with the henna: my fiancé has said that my scalp has never before looked so flake free.

Back to the nightmare. I didn’t end-up bald, had the restyle I’m going after, but there was general arghness when I went to my cousin’s wedding and I was heckled at, despite helping to film her wedding video (yeah, my fiancé and I will be filming the big day for her pro bono). Or perhaps that’s just my impending sense of doom to being surrounded by a large group of Christians…

Okay, so long as I don’t accidentally or try to talk about Jesus, God, the big bang (and crunch), abortions, premarital sex, women priests and bishops, homosexuality, evolution, Leviticus, other faiths, atheism, Richard Dawkins, population control or homosexual priests – all will be fine. I’ll just talk about videogames, films, comic books and television, then the only thing that’ll happen is that I’m ignored by everyone other than my middle Brother and my fiancé.

I can live with that. Getting my hair cut will be easy as pie.


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