Graphic novelist seeks people to collaborate with

My graphic novel involves a few out of this world plot points

I’ve gotten to the stage with my 135 pages long graphic novel – that I’ve been working on since the summer – that I need to start collaborating with people who are interested in doing work on a graphic novel, such as an artist, inker, colourer and letterer. This stage of affairs has partly been reached by asking a few questions to a few select people, and reading up on things. Currently re-drafting, but basic artwork concepts would be a plus.

My graphic novel is of a low-SF nature. However, I really want to work with people based in Cornwall for this. Why? Well, there is the chance that somewhere down the line this thing could get published, and I want to evenly share future royalties – the only way that will happen is if I trust the people I’m working with, and that trust is only going to happen if I can meet them in person. So, seeing as how I’m pretty much stuck in Cornwall at the moment, it would help if potential collaborators are as well.

The plan is to get at least the first fifteen to thirty pages done, plus some artwork ideas, finalise a pitch and synopsis, then start chasing a couple of agents who would potentially be interested in this kind of thing. That’s the plan anyway.

If you can help or someone you know can, e-mail me via this contact form on Ek Creations.


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