One reason why society and biology don’t match up

I don't believe I can risk waiting any more

While Tiny Temper may be looking to bag her ideal man, or nearest to it, I’m already settled down with the guy of my dreams. So while not waiting to meet the ideal guy (as I’ve already bagged him), I’ve been waiting to do something else and I’m beginning to get tired of waiting.

If there’s one thing that the “increased” effectiveness of IVF should have taught young women, it’s that women are meant to try to conceive during the age window they have evolved to naturally do so. It puts the mother’s health and life at risk, as well as the baby’s, when the mother conceives outside of her ’20s, the older obviously being the riskier.

Yet Western society, at least in the UK, has an un0biologically-linked perceived ideal of when women should have babies – when they’re 30+ and have kicked off their careers in the land of whatever. Now, as someone who is increasingly leaning towards self-employment for financial stability, I have no real idea when my career will “kick off”. I can make as many business plans as I want, do as much market research as I want, print off as many business cards as I want, calculate as many cash flow analyses as I want: they still won’t give a definite picture of when my business will be a success. Even moving beyond my starting client base isn’t a great indicator.

Plus there’s that whole scriptwriting/graphic novel thing – goodness knows when that will really get me somewhere.

And several times a week I am pestered about dreams of having my own family. So, do I go with society or biology on this one? Now I’m sure by this juncture, someone reading this is probably going, “What about money?” Well apart from my Mum holding back a tonne of baby things from when my youngest Brother was a baby (no more than six years ago), I plan to work up until giving birth and I don’t plan to take much of a break after.

(On a side note: my partner and I plan to use the Continuum Concept to some degree in how we raise our child (and that’s a Wiki link, because McAfee Site Advisor seriously hates the dedicated site).)

No, I don't believe it's this beautiful, but it's a nice thought

Soon, my partner and I will be trying for a family. And though we may not have the perfect finances for supporting this venture; rather than waiting for a career that may never start, we’re going to go for this now – because we have what is really needed to conceive a child: parts that work and love. Also, it would be better to find out now, instead of ten years down the line, whether we do have “parts that work”.


3 thoughts on “One reason why society and biology don’t match up

  1. There’s never a ‘right’ time to start a family – at least in terms of finances, and somehow, you always manage. Children don’t need expensive toys, they need your love, time and guidance.
    Good luck to both of you 🙂 x

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