I doubt broadband misery will get much better

This is only 2 miles outside of Truro

The news that BT plans to essentially pit communities against each other in order to see who “deserves” fibre-optic delivered broadband has sickened me. Of course it would help that the Conservative side of the Coalition Government had not gone back on its pre-election promise to use tax money to fund needed broadband infrastructure. And it would help even further if those who are trying to improve the infrastructure, who aren’t telecommunications giant BT, weren’t taxed extra whilst doing so.

(Just so you know: the village where I live was added to the phone exchange in Truro so badly (by BT some twenty plus years ago) that it means the entire village needs to be rewired and reconnected if most people here are to ever exceed 1.5 Mbps. It’s not as if I’m in a seriously rural location – I can walk into Truro if I want to.)

The news that BT will be leading a broadband project that will benefit Cornish businesses is all good and well, but it won’t help residential users. These same residential users don’t need 40 Mbps and would be quite happy to at least reach 2 Mbps on occasion, and ideally would like 8 Mbps.

But back to the “pitting communities against each other” part, if you want to register your interest in the whole Race to Infinity bullshit, like I have done, then go here. BT’s whole voting system means that it’s only one vote per household. And if you really, really want to you can become a local campaigner for your area by registering your interest here.

It’s not as if I want high speed broadband for just playing videogames online. I need it for the journalism stuff I do from home too.


4 thoughts on “I doubt broadband misery will get much better

  1. I have BT here in Cambridge.

    First of all the home hub doesn’t play well at all with any games since its fundamentally broken as a router and a firewall.

    I get 1.5Mbps despite the promised 4-8. Whats worse is BT block or throttle all ports apart from HTTP. So if I want to play games or download I have to wait till after 12 when then tone down the throttling. Its painful trying to play games… The latency is upwards of 200ms.

    I’m just about to start a course that requires video conferencing and lots of multimedia… god help me.

    • I’m with Tiscali, and I’ve never used a router that’s been supplied by them.

      I have to admit that I thought for about a month that I wasn’t getting the connection that Tiscali/TalkTalk had sold me, but it was because my set-up was wrong, and once that was sorted it went nearer to the agreed 2 Mbps i.e. 1.5 Mbps. So, other than the throttling issue, it may be worth making sure that you’ve got everything connected in the right order.

      If if turns out that you have got everything connected okay, then I suggest complaining to BT, because falling that far short of 4-8 Mbps means you were mis-sold your connection.

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