Please, no, not the cover!

He was not the nightmare...

This is one nightmare that I hope I don’t have again any time soon (though it did have some pleasant elements). It happened the other night, and what was horrifying was not that Marilyn Manson featured in at all… but that Funeral for a Friend did.

“What’s scary about Funeral for a Friend?” You may well ask. Well, apart from the fact that I have some issues with the American accent singing that is done by this Welsh rock band, it was what they were doing in my dream that terrified me for a reason that I’m not entirely sure about (but it definitely terrified me).

Yes, a Welsh rock band terrified me in my sleep

Now I really, really, really like Marilyn Manson’s music (okay, apart from most of Eat Me, Drink Me as that album was blatantly going after a different market). Also, Manson as an artist I find really intriguing, which is mostly as a result of reading The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Another thing I like about music done by Manson are the covers that the band often do.

So what does any of this have to do with me having a nightmare? Well, apart from dreaming that I was actually helping Manson write another biography in a fabulous L.A. pad (that’s the pleasant part) – whilst working with him, news reached us that Funeral for a Friend were going to cover one of his songs. And not just any of his songs, but I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) from the 1998 album: Mechanical Animals a.k.a. my favourite Marilyn Manson song, from my favourite Marilyn Manson album.

The news in the dream was so terrifying for me in dream that I was panicked awake. How come killing Hitler doesn’t panic me – doesn’t move me on some level – but Funeral for a Friend making a cover of a Marilyn Manson song does?

Hey, subconscious – get your priorities right.


5 thoughts on “Please, no, not the cover!

  1. Funeral For A Friend completely slam Marilyn. They have lots of talent… more than Marilyn Manson will ever have. Marilyn is a bit more entertaining at live shows though.

    • I’m not about to get into a “who’s better argument”. The only way I can listen to Funeral for a Friend is if their vocals are turned off, because I literally cannot stand the accent they sing in. Then again, their music style isn’t something I generally enjoy listening to.

      The main reason I listen to Marilyn Manson over Funeral for Friend is due to the social and personal commentary that can be found in a lot of Manson’s song lyrics. The subject matter behind Funeral for a Friend’s songs is rarely far reaching enough for me to want to force myself to listen to it.

  2. That sounds horrible. As a bit of a Goth, I find that Manson’s music tops Funeral for a Friend in terms of impact, so for FF to do a cover of I Don’t Like the Drugs it would be like a puppy trying to bark alongside a howling wolf.

  3. Interesting dream Emily, I am surprised that terrified you like that in comparison to some of your other dreams, it is interesting/strange how things like this happens sometimes. 😉

    To my own surprise I have had a few dreams with Mr. Manson in them, and I was surprised by him in these dreams since he was pretty cool & intellectual in these dreams, here is one of them:

    Thank you for sharing your dream Emily. 🙂

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