The Great Hair Restyle

The current state of my locks

My cousin’s wedding is in just under two weeks. It is the first wedding in the family for quite some time… so I want to set the “right” impression. And of course by “right” I mean to look slightly unconventional and generally cause disapproving glares.

It’s not as if I’m about to go for a full-blown Mohawk. However, I certainly want to have my hair restyled into something that isn’t the current mop and could be classed as slightly “unconventional”. This desire for the unconventional led to me purchasing a copy of Hairstyles Only yesterday. And while a great deal of the styles featured did look amazing… there wasn’t much that looked like it would work with my often wavy and curly hair.

So this morning, I began to think a little bit more outside the box. I’m a geek. This is pretty obvious from the things I like to participate in, play, read and watch. So… geeky female characters from film, comics and/or TV who have interesting hairstyles.

Ramona Flowers’s main hairstyle from the film version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is what I have been drawn towards and this is partly because the style has a high chance of working with my hair type. Admittedly, I won’t quite be going for the colour or colours she has during them film, though I do plan to attack it with some of Lush’s Caca Noir henna hair dye after it has been cut, and aim to make my hair darker with a blue tint. (It’ll be the first time I’ll have ever used a henna hair dye, so it could get very interesting.)

Ramona Flowers

It’s probably a good thing that I’m not aiming for the bubblegum pink hair – it would clash horribly with the red dress I’ll be wearing.


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