Character Change?

The Frighteners is a really good film

So my fiancé and I watched Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners last night. It was the concluding film to a Halloween horror film fest: we’d watched Army of Darkness and Pontypool earlier in the evening, both great films. At the end of The Frighteners we came to a sudden realisation – Paul, my fiancé, looks a lot like Michael J. Fox, at least before Fox’s Parkinsons became an issue.

This means that Paul is now seriously considering to go to the wedding as Marty McFly, dressed in the futuristic outfit Marty ends up wearing in order to blend in during the second film, which is also Paul’s favourite film in the franchise.

Will he go as Marty McFly?

I have to say that I’d be happy regardless of if he went either as Marty or Tony Stark. However, Marty does have a certain draw, because the first two Back to the Future films were made in the ’80s and we’re both children of the ’80s. I’d still go as Marion Ravenwood from the Indiana Jones franchise… at least that’s what I’m deciding on for now.

Though I don’t think I want to completely restrict the wedding to an 1980s film theme, even though that would be quite awesome, as it may make finding music for the event just that extra bit more difficult. It’ll definitely make it harder to avoid the soundtrack of films like Dirty Dancing, a film that I somewhat despise.

And last night’s three films weren’t the end of the Halloween themed festivities Paul and I will be putting ourselves through. Tonight we’re going to a Halloween party at a local pub dressed as zombies. Paul will be a zombified Shaun of Shaun of the Dead and I’m going to be a zombie in a dress. Body paint a’hoy!


Wedding Ideas

Might be a film themed wedding, but a NES cake would be awesome

Before we went to the wedding fair last weekend, my fiancé and I knew that we’d want a film themed wedding. The idea is that everyone comes to the wedding in costume as a film character no matter how mundane, but they need to be able to say who they’ve come as. This also means that as the groom and bride we get to dress up too.

But who do we go as? Well, after thinking about some rather unfeminine Ripley designs from the first two Alien films, I decided that I did want to end up wearing a dress on the big day, and a particular dress from a particular film.

Marion Ravenwood - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

While I don’t plan on it becoming so torn, and certainly hope that I won’t be besieged by snakes, I do want to wear that dress with the matching white shoes from the film. So quite the vintage look. I’m unsure if I’d grow my hair out again in order to have the same hairstyle.

Meanwhile, my fiancé is leaning towards going as Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man. Thinking maybe the Iron Man suite during the ceremony, followed by the suave Tony Stark look for the reception. Why not Indy? Well my fiancé doesn’t like the Indiana Jones films as much as I do, and I don’t think I could ever be as skinny as Pepper Potts from Iron Man.

Tony Stark is oh so suave...

As well as dressing up, all music at the wedding, including the first dance track, will have to be music that has featured in a film and/or on its official soundtrack. We’re unsure at this stage whether we’ll hire a DJ or sort things out ourselves as putting together a playlist for six hours with tracks that we’ll like may take some doing.

The wedding fair last weekend certainly reaffirmed the idea that we should set a budget for the whole event, once we have the basic prices sorted out: licensed premises; buffet; cake; clothes; decorations; celebrant (we’re having a humanist ceremony) and a little bit of transport. Plus we’ll probably want to somewhere for a honeymoon and along with the costs in that we’ll need to sort some other things too.

Yes, budgeting is important. And a date? No later than the end of July 2012 by the looks of things.

Society Should Make it Easier for Women to Have Babies When They are Meant To

No I don't believe it's this beautiful, but it's a nice thought

News today that a fertility expert is recommending that women in their 20s should have sections of their ovaries frozen so that they can have babies much later in life is pissing me right off. If a woman is suffering from a serious illness, which either itself or its treatment will alter fertility, fine put some ovum away for the future.

However, the simple plain thing we, as a society, should be doing is ensuring that it’s possible for women to naturally have babies when they are in their 20s if they feel ready to have them. What good can come of playing with biology on such a fundamental level that we change the way our life-cycles actually begin in the first place. Also, taking eggs from frozen ovaries is something that we have less knowledge of when it comes to the side-effects than of traditional IVF.

Just because we can manipulate something to our “advantage” through the use of technology, does not mean that we should do it. (I don’t actually have high fears on genetically modified food, but that’s a debate for another day and maybe someone else’s blog.)

Women finding if difficult to have children during the ages that nature intended, is a fault that has been induced by Western society. And this is one time where society needs to change.

Okay, so there’s people saying that, “Women have to accept that they can’t have everything – a career and a family,” well I’ve got a simple reply to that:

They can when there’s free child care.

Women, no matter what their age, (and this is more UK specific) need access to free adequate child care that will allow them to earn when they have children. I believe that the revenue reaped in terms of taxes by having women working at the same time as having children will far outweigh the costs of paying for said childcare, especially if you consider that for most of the working day the majority of those children will already be in education.

I’m not saying that women should be allowed to have as many children as they want, because we do need to watch how much we increase our population by, but it’s a simple fact of life that women need to have babies in order to replace the population anyway. If businesses want workers of the future, they need babies.

And to businesses that complain about maternity pay and leave: you want to still be in business in 20 years time right? Well, shut-up and get on with it. Think long term rather than short term.

I’m a sadistic cyclist

Me - terror of Cornish roads

It wasn’t until this week,battling with a cold and working from home that I came to a sudden realisation: I’m a sadistic cyclist. Too ill to cycle anywhere, I have found that I have come to relish my morning and afternoon rides into and out of Cornwall’s capital. While most of this journey happens on a cycle path, there are parts where I must take to the road.

As I show motorists a thing or two they never knew about the Highway Code, it’s a freeing experience to stop at a junction, signal my intentions and to then follow through. Those moments where I hold up a motorist’s journey that I have every right to, because it’s my right of way (unless they want to have an accident), just beautiful.

Now if only I could find a way to catapult cars off the road that overtake me when there’s barely any space between me and a crossing… that would be ace.


One day, the bike car catapult that defies the laws of physics, will be reality...

Can’t get away from weddings this weekend either

A wedding fair

This will be a far more self-inflicted affair. So yes, I will be attending my first wedding fair, ever, this Sunday. Not to panic my fiancé, but I’m thinking that we should probably set a date that falls somewhere in the next two years.

My Mum, fiancé and I (plus maybe an aunt) shall be heading off to this. Why this fair instead of a different one? Well, I’m more than a tad aware about issues to do with things like sustainability and fair, ethical trade and this promises to be a wedding fair with that focus.

I sort of reached a realisation today, partly due to this week’s spending review by the Coalition Government: my fiancé and I are still unlikely to get the chance to move out of my Gran’s house any time soon. Apart from wanting to care for her whilst I still can, it’s going to be impossible for us to find a home that we can rent affordably, let alone buy. So, we might as well stay put.

We’re already planning to start a family whilst we live with Gran anyway, might as well get married around the same time too.

You can find more details about the wedding fair at Uneeka’s blog (they’re a ethical company I like and do the odd thing for who’ll be there).